Siūlų Namai

Siūlų Namai


Brand Strategy refinement
Visual Brand Identity
Website design and development
E-commerce integration
Prints and Collateral
Social Media content and management

Siūlų Namai is a yarn and knitted goods shop from Lithuania.

The ultimate goals were:
– reposition and rebrand the shop to appeal to more contemprary premium class target audience
– increase online sales and digital exposure
– expand the following on social media
– build customer loyalty and increase figures of returning customers

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E-commerce website was one of the main objectives to help Siūlų Namai brand grow and connect with a wider audience in a digital space.

Our website success criteria were:
 – consistent brand identity design
 – clear and well structured product presentation
 – easy and intuitive navigation
 – warm and welcoming look and feel
 – introduction and presentation of new services

By accomplishing these criteria, we were able to create an e-commerce website which allowed to reach and connect with a bigger audience, connect with new audience segments, and well represent the new brand vision of Siūlų Namai.

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