Kulen Adventures

Kulen Adventures


Brand Strategy
Visual Brand Identity
Website design and development
Product/Service designs and presentations
Sales presentations and documents
Advertising on social media and Google
Social Media content and management

Kulen Adventures is adventure focused travel agency from Cambodia.

The ultimate goals were:
 – position the brand within the set niche
 – increase exposure  to international waters
 – develop sales digital and print materials
 – attract different target audience segments
 – represent social work and increase engagement

Kulen Adventures
Kulen Adventures
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Kulen Adventures new website was built to help business representation as well as assist in daily business operations. Some of the key features:
 – consistent brand representation
 – comprehensive product listings
 – engaging in social projects
 – contact form
 – Google Analytics integration
 – Google Ads usage and integration
 – Social Media advertising and landing pages

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